The Producer

Dr. George Colburn

Dr. George A. Colburn

Dr. George A. Colburn is Executive Producer of SMC, a production company that specializes in history-based documentaries. In this role, he regularly serves as writer and producer of the SMC documentaries. He is also the President of Contemporary Learning Systems, Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) company that specializes in creating media-based educational packages for national distribution. These packages include SMC productions and programming produced by other companies. Currently, CLS is developing educational packages linked to programming about Eisenhower, Hemingway, the Navajo Code Talkers, Immigration, and early Christianity.

To learn more about Dr. Colburn and his relationship with Gen. Eisenhower, watch his interview on C-SPAN.

Contemporary Learning Systems, Inc.

Contemporary Learning SystemsContemporary Learning Systems, Inc. (CLS) is a 501(c)(3) company incorporated in 2008. Its primary purpose is the development, production and distribution of media-based educational programs. To learn more about Contemporary Learning Systems visit ContemporaryLearning.org.