Complete Ike Programming

Documenting the public life of Dwight D. Eisenhower by producer George A. Colburn, 1988 – 2020


  • 1. DANGEROUS YEARS, a one-hour special on President Eisenhower’s foreign policy, hosted by John Chancellor, Discovery (1991). 
  • 2. CONTENTIOUS YEARS, a one-hour special on President Eisenhower’s domestic policy, hosted by John Chancellor, Discovery (1993). 
  • 3. THE ALLIED COMMANDER, a one-hour special on General Eisenhower’s command of Allied troops in the European Theater, hosted by John Chancellor, Disney (1995). 
  • 4-7. THE EISENHOWER LEGACY, hosted by Gen. Colin Powell (USA, Ret.), Disney (1996). 
    • IKE: Supreme Commander, 1941 – 1945
    • IKE: Cold Warrior, 1946 – 1952 
    • IKE: Politician and President, 1953 – 1961 
    • IKE: Commander-in-Chief, 1953 – 1961 
  • 8. EISENHOWER’S SECRET WAR, a two-hour special on Eisenhower’s strategy for avoiding nuclear conflict, hosted by Evan Thomas, American Public Television (2012). 
  • 9. IKE: WINNING THE WAR, SAVING THE PEACE, a one-hour special on Ike’s transition from military leader to President, hosted by Evan Thomas, TBD (2020). 
  • 10. IKE: THE MAKING OF AN AMERICAN HERO, a one-hour feature documentary on how the Supreme Allied Commander became the greatest hero of World War II, hosted by Gen. Wesley Clark (USA, Ret.), 2020.


  • THE EISENHOWER ERA, 1941 – 1961, a 20-part series for junior and senior high school students, Disney Educational Productions (1997). Now available in digital format from


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